It is assumed that every artist will have an “artist’s statement”. Personally, I think the artist’s statement is one of the most dangerous documents to which a person could possibly need to claim ownership. My feeling is that the biggest trap and the most difficult to avoid is egocentrism.


Last year a major production I was doing required that I rewrite my tired old artists statement which I wrote a significant number of years ago. You’ll see the new statement below. In it there are several spiritual references. These are central to my core belief that these artistic talents that in some ways define me are not the result of some superhuman effort or intellectual genius but in fact a gift from sources greater than myself and a gift that I am compelled to share. In the end, my artist statement is really not about me…


Artist Statement


Whether the art you experience

is created realtime and instantaneously,

right before your eyes,

on a stage,

as you watch spirit possessed fingers,

guided by divine inspiration,

shape the molten notes

on the crucible of a saxophone,


the art is realized

at the moment of sunrise,

while you sleep,

and my shutter finger,

becomes an early morning disciple

of the majesty of God’s light,

as a magical visual moment unfolds,

and with a click,

captures a slice of light, time and life, listening

as a deep and quiet

but powerful voice whispers ‘Now’…


I humbly share the results with you,

and hope that they bring a moment of joy

to your life.

This is what I do.







September 2021

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