When I first created this blog I wrote…

Friends that know me well will attest to the fact that I’m reluctant to join the ranks of those who embrace “instant communication”. Arni is not to be found at the “bleeding edge”, the “leading edge” or even “close the edge” of the new technology. I’m usually standing ten feet back, ready to chuckle (and call for help) if anyone falls over the edge. I don’t have a blackberry, blue tooth device or HDTV (yet). I’m not TEXTing, IMing and I will not ever be TWITTERing. I don’t dial my cell phone while driving, answer my cell phone while driving or talk on it while driving. I didn’t want a camera in my cell phone but they told me that wasn’t an option. In fact, sometimes my cell phone isn’t even on. (Gasp!)  So why does a guy like me want to have a blog then?

But there is a certain wisdom to the old expressions such as “Never Say Never” and “The Only Thing Certain is Change Itself.” And so I now need to be truthful to my audience and announce that Arni the Luddite has taken a few new and bold steps into the ever changing present. That doesn’t mean he’s at the precipice, toes curled over the edge and ready to leap, but rather he has over time come to the realization that the crowd is becoming distant on the horizon and he’d better take long strides to keep up.

A lot of these new developments came first with the acquisition of a Blackberry so that I could manage my gig availability and other commitments. A marriage of convenience developed and I eventually learned to love my new companion. And then she died.

In a panic to replace lost love while still grieving I let a salesperson convince me to accept a free iPhone4 as a replacement for my beloved Blackberry. Little did I know this was the beginning of my transition to a novice dweeb.


The first week was rough. I hated the new interface, couldn’t type on the virtual keyboard, didn’t know whether to swipe, pinch, shake or tap the various items and most importantly I couldn’t seem to delete the stupid Newsstand, Game Center and Passbook Icons, the first two of which I assure you I will never use, and the latter isn’t my style either but I’ll withhold judgment for the time being.

However the first ray of real sunshine beamed down on my semi bald head when I downloaded the first APP that really does it for me. It’s called iBird and it puts in the palm of my hand five or six bird books worth of information and pictures that I could otherwise only carry with me into the field in a 25lb backpack  Win,Win,Win. Grin, Grin, Grin!

Next came Google Maps whose gentle female voice guided me through road trips south, north, west and several gig and photo locations while I sped along in the black jeep feeling very confident about my safe arrival at my chosen destination. (Only once so far have I blown an exit so far and that was clearly my fault.)

Having read many reviews and installed the PC version on my desktop, it certainly seemed to be a great idea to put TPE (The Photographers Ephemeris) on the iPhone and this was quickly followed by Tides Near Me so that I could tell what the tidal times would be when I went to the seashore to photograph birds. (That’s how I knew the tide would be out when I captured these Least Terns at play.)

Now Scan and Dropbox Apps have magically appeared; OK I downloaded them from the App Store but at a couple of bucks an App, things begin to seem magical don’t they? But the fatal decision was to add Facebook to my App library. You see, until I did this, I only visited Facebook perhaps once a month from my desktop machine. I felt I didn’t have the time to spare and I couldn’t see wasting precious ticks of the clock staring at previously sampled inane post after post like “eating dinner now. Burgers and fries with catsup.” It turns out however that I really do have some interesting friends and waiting time in the doctors office or sipping the wake-up coffee in the morning is a good time to see whats going on in the social media circles and so now I’m moderately hooked. Oh for sure I’m a lurker rather than an avid poster but still this is great progress.

So, I’ve yet to Tweet but I do have a QR Code on my business card now. I don’t Instagram, that’s why I have real cameras. I haven’t shot a single “Selfie” yet; I haven’t devolved to that level of narcissism so far. (OK! Maybe I’m being a little harsh but the line of folks queuing up for the window at Top Of The Hub so they can stick their iPhone equipped arm out, for a “Look At Me!” portrait can really convince one not to join the candid crowd.)

Finally however, this is the most important “Late Breaking News”. A cool little device that plugs into my smart phone now enables me to accept credit cards for photography sales. Please stand by for updates on this because this is a capability I’ve wanted for a long time and I plan to have a special event around it. I think it’s a great service to my clients who may want an image but can’t cough up a lump sum easily. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, etc has the answer for us both. Stay Tuned.

Meanwhile, Arni has stepped gingerly into a Brave New World. Applause Please.

Peace, Love and Chocolate


PS. I still only update and post as time permits, however I promise to try to make it worth your while when something new appears.

September 2021

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