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It’s Not All Black and White

We all have started a simple project; one which we have wanted to tackle for a long time. The concept itself is often pretty basic: “I want to clean up the boxes that have been sitting in the attic and taking up space for what seems like eons. The process seems to be a singular step or maybe two: “I’ll empty them out ‘one by one’, throwing out all the worthless or uninteresting stuff and compact the rest into boxes by category.” Alas however, we all know that any project soon succumbs to the “Topsy Effect”, a phrase I invented to describe the inevitable expansion of an endeavor to never imagined proportions. The Topsy Effect” refers directly to the moment in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic “Uncle Toms Cabin” where the delightful black child Topsy is asked “Topsy, “Do you know who made you?” To which she tacitly replies, “I Jus Growed!”

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12 on 12

It’s the last day of 2012 and I’m grateful for a safe journey front-to-back. I almost said uneventful but although that’s a convenient euphemism for a period without crisis, I think it is really a sacrilege to say that something as precious as a year passed without a person’s notice of the miracles and wonders that occur every second of every day.

A photographer should be about the business of capturing some of these events that would otherwise be ignored and invalidated by most of us if no effort were made to grant the day it’s just due. As a way of reflecting on my year I’ve quickly selected twelve photographs to try to caption with my version of meaning.

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January 2013

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