Sandy, Lucy and Thaw

Part Two: Lucy

Saturday dawned windy but brighter than all the previous days and after breakfast and a little motoring around, we arrived at Lucy Vincent Beach. This being really off season a stream of mostly locals were on hand, having heard the word and wanting to see what Sandy had done to Lucy. As I overheard conversations amongst them, almost all were saying “This is amazing”, “Look at that!” and “This didn’t look anything like this last week.” All eyes seemed to look left at the large cleft the storm had carved from the enormous dunes to the left as you enter the beach area.

Above is a “before Sandy” shot I found on the internet. Compare it to the after Sandy shots I took on the right.

Hours of pounding by waves and wind had exposed layers of clay and rock formed long long ago, perhaps in the ice age. The highest affected elevation looked to be much more than 50 feet up. The wave heights and wind forces that could create such damage must have been astounding to behold. All seemed to be absolutely fascinated and in awe, including assorted dogs that were discovering a smorgasbord of new smells unearthed by the fresh scouring of the beach.

From 2:52pm to 5:43pm I remained that wonderful beach, shooting and exploring objects, views and the light. More than anything however I was meditating on the incredible power of nature and the elements. And in their own way, so were pretty much everyone else. Neither was I the only person with a camera. But I stayed the longest and I had a tripod.

From 3:00pm to nearly 5:00pm the challenges were rather contrasty sunlight and people everywhere on the southeast slope. One person or a couple can give a sense of scale; a dozen plus two dogs become a visual clutter. Later in the day there was still a high amount of contrast but this time as the sun dropped off the horizon to the west over the many rocks Lucy is known for. Rocks and seashore are indeed a Lucy cliché but on the other hand a cliché exists because it works. In the end, there are a few images that I think I’ll call keepers. One scene in particular, the last shots of the day, were particularly special…

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