News Flash Week of Feb 19th, 2012

News Flash for this week. Many sweet developments have materialized recently, two of which culminate in events this week.

For years my basic philosophy has been “Do the right thing and then move on.” I believe that if you do any kind of deed with an ulterior motive you loose or at least dilute the good Karma effect that might otherwise rain gently on you and those around you. The trick is to believe in eventual good and not worry about when or how much.

A short while ago Steve Schwartz, who coordinates for the well known “Eric in the Evening” radio show on WGBH-FM, contacted me and said “It’s been a long time since we’ve had you on the show. Would you like to do a live concert?” Of course I said, “Yes” with gusto. It is a real honor to be asked to perform in this series. I appeared once before in 2002 and once in 1997 with different incarnations of my small group Smoke. 

This Tuesday, Bill Lowe, Kevin Harris, Keala Kaumehewa and Steve Langone will join me in making a joyful noise. We’re calling ourselves “The Collaboration”. Tune to WGBH-FM, 89.7 on the dial at 9:00pm to hear the results of this coaction.

You may notice that Kevin, Keala and Steve also comprise the core of the Kevin Harris Project and they are a wonderful backbone to any musical adventure. Last fall together we presented a wonderful Master Class at MIT for Professor Mark Harvey’s Jazz Composition class which was the inspiration for recombining for this WGBH concert.

Bill Lowe is a low brass “everyman” and yet always a unique individual voice. Here is just a small subset of his diversity and skill set. One would quickly become exhausted just trying to follow Bill on his teaching, playing, writing and mentoring schedule. Bill and I have been teaching together for several years now on a project sponsored by JazzBoston called “Riffs and Raps” with diverse audiences and depending on the series we are often joined by Kevin whose teaching skills are deep and rich as well..

This Wednesday, 2/22/12 marks the return of the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra to Scullers Jazz Club with an 8:00pm show time. Now in its 40th season, I’m proud to be an Aardvarkian since roughly 1975; or put another way, about 37 years. Nonetheless, every performance with this eclectic Jazz Orchestra is filled with freshness and surprise. People comment that I’m all smiles as I sit in the first alto chair and I can honestly answer “That’s because this band is fun!”

These two days are very different in nature so I’m hoping to “see” you on the radio Tuesday and then see you in the crowd at Scullers on Wednesday. (You may want to get your ticket online now as we have sold out the house in the past.) I also want to take a second to remind you to click the link above titled “** upcoming gigs**” for updates on what’s coming up in the future.

Meanwhile, there is a very big announcement on the photography front that I’ll be making shortly so please check back for further details.

I’m standing in a gentle rain of good Karma and I feel no need for an umbrella.

1 Response to “News Flash Week of Feb 19th, 2012”

  1. 1 paulineb123
    February 19, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Keep those good -news flashes coming. See you Tuesday & Wednesday!

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