He Pis-da-seared

Photo by Jesse Weiner

There was a child in one of my classrooms years ago that couldn’t pronounce the word “disappeared”. No matter how hard he tried it always came out “Pis-da-seared”.

I know it seems like I pis-da-seared over the last couple of months but actually I’ve sort of been trapped in what resembles a twister of activity that touched down in my life.

Among the objects swirling about in the funnel cloud have been, seven concerts (with three more to go this month), eight rehearsals, one master class with MIT students, three GATPF gallery openings, three gallery meetings (I help run Gallery at the Piano Factory), assorted doctors appointments, three private lessons,  Income Tax preparation, and a bunch of paperwork related to my housing. Oh! There is a seminal book publishing experiment in there also.

Naturally, with so much musical or other airborne debris, one’s view from the eye of the storm is much like that of a cow watching a train go by. Recognition of high levels of detail begins to fade and a general state of wide eyed amazement takes its place. However, I was able to snatch some moments of cognitive lucidity from the whirlwind of thought and activity and it was during those brief moments that the book experiment took shape.

The inspiration for this adventure is twofold. Foremost, I’ve been nursing the idea of self publishing a large coffee table book for some time now. For me (and I’m sure for hoards of others) the accomplishment itself is rewarding. I additionally this is a way to have a really nicely done portfolio for presenting when seeking gallery shows and other opportunities. Still I hadn’t taken the bull by the horns until I chanced upon a wonderful article in Lens Work in which Brooks Jensen, whom I additionally admire as a wonderful writer, told of a concept that he uses: an Introduction Book. Rather than butcher his original article by my inept paraphrase I suggest that the reader take a look at his original article from Lens Work #92, Editors Comments – Building Trust and downloading a sample at his website, www.brooksjensenarts.com.

What that article gave me was a little shove in the direction of my larger goal. The idea of an introduction book was just the right sized little bite that I could begin with to explore the concept and idea of book production. And so in the midst of orchestrated chaos, I did create my “Introduction Book” and additionally start to compile images and ideas for the book on Cape Cod, an area that I’ve photographed and loved for many years.

My Introduction book is called “What Makes Me Click” and subtitled “A partial answer to the question “What are you taking pictures of?” and is available through Blurb, a popular self publishing site. It is not my “Great American Fine Art Photography Book”, nor a technical treatise on what aperture, ISO, shutter speed and technique created the images. It’s just a tease and that’s all I want this first effort to be; an introduction to me. You can see a preview of the book by clicking the Preview button in the sidebar to the right. Take a look and if you’re interested, please order one and enjoy. Please note that this is just a start. Expect exciting things to follow.

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April 2011

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