Boing The Sequel

So I scooted back over to Great Meadows on Friday the 14th

and spent another two and a half hours working on my Marsh Wren portfolio. Little did I know that Friday was a Bird Watch day which means that in addition to the occasional jogger, hyper vocal child or curious bystander, there were several groups of expert and amateur birders passing by counting and remarking on their observations. Each passer by tended to cause my Marsh Wren to hide a little more or relocate a little further down the road. These are the moments when your goodwill toward mankind may be tested.

 As a matter of fact, on the first perching of my targeted bird a gentleman stepped directly between me and my prize and began to ask me what I was looking for. Through clenched teeth I said “That Marsh Wren directly behind you. Could you move over please?” By the time he got the message and moved I missed a shot of the bird singing its little heart out but I did heartily congratulate myself for civility under duress. Fortunately a half hour later I was rewarded with another sighting and yet another ten minutes later.

 In the mean time I spoke with another photographer (Michael) who remembered me from a chance meeting years ago. He astounded me by remembering the bird I was shooting, an American Coot, when we first met. Anyway, he mentioned that so far this season the Wrens weren’t perching quite as long as usual. He mentioned that maybe it was a little early in the season yet but he’d seen them pop up and perch for more like maybe a minute or two rather than the four to eight seconds we’d been experiencing last week. I did see the males still working on nests (see the shot with the nesting material in the beak). Perhaps they don’t get around to serious mating songs till they’re through building the love nests. (The male marsh wrens build several and then show them to various females , kinda like real estate agents with a hidden agenda, until one sees something she likes and decides to move in.)

 So Friday I got two more workable shots. It’s gonna rain the middle of this week. I don’t know if I’ll get anymore wren prime time but I may have something printable here. What do you think?

1 Response to “Boing The Sequel”

  1. May 18, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Arnie! Thank you… I am just loving these shots. “Boing the Sequel” is simply perfect.

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