You should come visit us, they did…

I’m into my third year of service as a member of the board of the Gallery at the Piano Factory.

I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Gallery Director James de Crescentis and about a dozen or so wonderful people that freely give of their time and energy to keep this wonderful artist and community run gallery alive and well as it has been for 30 + years. It is an all volunteer effort and occasionally a “leech-of-time” but I and everyone involved in the group are proud to continue the legacy of this, one of the longest running non-profit galleries in Boston. This large airy space at the entrance to the Chickering Piano Factory, 791 Tremont Street, continues it’s tradition of  housing a new show every month with both celebrated and emerging artists of the New England area in all sorts of media. As a matter of fact, it’s part of our mission to make available an affordable gallery space for artists to show their work. Although it’s up to the individual artist, most shows have marvelous openings with a little wine, light refreshments and sometimes live entertainment.

Additionally, special events occur such as live Jazz performances during JazzBoston’s Jazz Week, Poetry readings, Christmas Gift Shops, Rainbow Tribe Dance Troupe, our annual Piano Craft Group Show, South End Open Studios, Roxbury Open Studios and Wayne Strattman’s Art2Art to name a few.

The current show features powerful work by artist Hank Kearsley. It is much more dramatic and eloquent than any web JPEG can display. Many stories of black history are told in ways that engage you to look twice and maybe three times at an image. More than just great art on the walls, this exhibit is a series of stories about a part of the history of our nation that doesn’t appear in you average history text. I encourage you to drop by to see this exhibit before the end of the month.

 I’ve added a link for the Gallery website to the links section to the right. Please visit the Gallery website at least once a month to see what’s going on and then come pay us a visit. The people above did and look how good it made them feel.

 P.S. Next month is no slouch either! Click “About” on the website and scroll down to see info on the coming show by Ken Beck.

2 Responses to “You should come visit us, they did…”

  1. February 17, 2010 at 12:42 pm


    Very nice. Beautiful photos as always, nice commentary on the gallery. Please keep up the great work.


    • 2 deac
      February 18, 2010 at 10:15 pm


      Who is this James de Crescentis guy? Wait a minute that’s me. I appreciate your comments, and mention of the current exhibit.

      Be well,


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