Holy Nativity Convent

It’s winter, darn near Christmas

and we haven’t had a killer show in the city yet but we know in our hearts its coming. Meanwhile those outside of the 128 belt have already had a dose of winter wonderland.

Initially, the problem with snow is that it is, at the very least, an inconvenience for those who need to travel. Cars slip and slide; people slip and fall, busses and SUV’s splash pedestrians, sidewalk shoveling strains backs, lotsa reasons to fall out of love with the frozen white stuff. A day later the situation gets even grimmer. The fluffy white carpet turns into a brown ribbon of slush. Yellow snow materializes. (Remember the old adage “Don’t eat…”) Unshoveled sidewalks become skating rinks without safety rails. Plowed snow drifts at street corners become Olympian obstacles akin to frozen hurdles. Let’s face it Virgin snow is wonderful, adulterated snow, not so much.

A good time to experience snow is on a weekend evening; say a Friday, when you can sit by a warm fire and watch the twinkling jewels fall gently to the ground. After dinner you can bundle up and walk the dog, meditating on the wonders of nature and the simple pleasures in life. This is the scene depicted in the Great American Christmas songbook. You know “Sleigh bells Ring…”, “Chestnuts Roasting…”, and on and on. Still, not everyone has a house, dog, lawn and the like. For me, watching the snow fall in the Sunoco station on Tremont street is far from exquisite.

Another way to enjoy the delights is to find an open area where traffic, both cars and people, is extremely sparse and the crystalline beauty can remain unviolated for an extended period of time. As a photographer I will try to get out of the city and find an unblemished landscape. With luck, I’m out sometimes in snow up to my knees, and having a wonderful time. Closer to home however, I came upon a beautiful scene at the Holy Nativity Convent in Brookline. The convent has a little gift shop and I was waiting outside while Dotty picked up some holiday gifts for friends and I saw this scene off to my left. Pristine and untouched. It’s beautiful.

So when the serious snow comes, try to find a road less traveled where a scene like this might await you. Could be near or could be far but you have to look.

P.S. Seasons Greetings

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