Telacoustic – A New CD

After a long absence from “Eyes and Ears”, I am returning to you with great news! I have a new CD being released on the Lost World Music label with the title Telacoustic. Below is a poster with more details on the CD. However first I want to give you some important information.

There will be an initial CD release concert and party, Sunday April 2nd at the Piano Craft Gallery from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Suggested donation $10. CD’s will be available for purchase. Lite refreshments.

If you can’t make the April 2nd concert and just can’t wait to hear the music, I  have setup an online store where you can purchase directly from me. I’d like to ask you to use my online store as commissions and fees through other outlets diminish what the artist (in this case, me) receive from your purchase. That having been said, The CD is available on CD Baby as well. Their shipping and handling may be a little faster depending on how quickly I get to the post office. Either way I will greatly appreciate your support.

Lastly, there are a few interesting stories that go along with this experience. (There always are!) I’ll pass some along in the near future. Meanwhile, read below and get excited with me.


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A new season of fun is about to begin…



Sunday Afternoon Treats

Afternoons with Arni


Feathers, et al

13017-Arni_Cheatham_Art Exhibit-03-2016_For WP2

Please join me for a wonderful opening event sponsored by Hammond Residential Real Estate. More than forty images will be on display featuring bird photography plus other engaging subjects. Refreshments and beverages will be served in a wonderful and inviting atmosphere.

I am truly honored to be selected to display my work in Hammond’s South End office for the next six months. Throughout its twenty-five year history, Hammond Residential Real Estate has made the visual and performing arts the primary focus of its corporate philanthropy. “We believe in giving back to the communities that we serve through free events focused on the many local artists who make Boston such an exciting and vibrant place to live,” stated Hammond Senior Vice President Dave Stenberg.  “In addition to our fine arts exhibits, we also sponsor a series of free chamber music concerts that highlight the talents of emerging performers,” he said.

Special thanks to Dave for endorsing such projects and especially to Jib Bowers who curates and hangs all of Hammond’s art exhibits. They are a special treasure to the Boston Arts Community.


Cash and Two Picture ID’s

Cash and Picture ID

All the old science fiction writers such as Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, George Orwell and Frederik Pohl, used to describe a future society in which the general populace purchased their needs and wishes with something described as “Universal Credits”.

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Hanging Tomorrow

No I won’t be strung up by the neck. I am however hanging some photographs that I think many will enjoy on the walls of the Piano Craft Gallery; 793 Tremont Street, Boston,MA. Below is a copy of a poster with show information. I’m hoping you’ve received a copy via my email service (Constant Contact). If not, my apologies. Please shoot me and email and I’ll add your name to the list. Meanwhile, the opening for this gallery show is 10/10/15 from 6-9pm and together with my musical associate John Funkhouser, I’ll lay down a little music as well. Hope to see you there. And when the smoke clears I’ll have more stories to post here. Thanks for your patience.

Eyes With Wings Building 13x19 Poster


70 Part Two – The Palouse

Have you ever desired something but were forced to wait to fulfill that longing for an interminable time. If after the long wait you are able to scratch that itch, it seems like the experience is heightened beyond your wildest expectations. One finds themselves running down a list of “super adjectives” trying to find the one word that encapsulates the glory of the experience. However I’m unable to settle on just one, so let me tell you about the trip instead.

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70 part one

_DSC7060-Edit Narrow Crop

A fortnight ago I had my 70th birthday. Surely some birthdays are bigger milestones than others however this one seemed to take on an almost supernatural significance as if the number 7 that defined the number of decades marked the beginning of a new age of wisdom and spirituality. In fact I just did a quick Google search which revealed this entry on a numerology blog at the top of the heap…

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Chris did everything right. Asked, sent copies and even gave me permission to use. Thanks Chris

Chris did everything right. Asked, sent copies and even gave me permission to use. Thanks Chris

Yesterday a touching scene unfolded while I sat in the cocktail lounge “Blue” at Marina Bay. Located in Quincy, Marina Bay hosts a hoard of water worthy pleasure craft, a few small businesses and five eating and drinking establishments on the boardwalk. Also notable on the boardwalk is a cozy white gazebo which is invitingly lit as the sun goes down.

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No More Hurting People!


October 2022

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